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Excellent Condition GAR Ribbon - 26th National Encampment
Item #: JMS-190
Excellent Condition GAR Ribbon - 26th National Encampment Excellent Condition GAR Ribbon - 26th National Encampment
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In tip-top condition with no replacement parts or repairs is this delegate's medal to the 1892 National Encampment in Washington. This particular medal was worn by a Massachusetts veteran from the Peabody, Mass. post of the GAR. The highlight of the ribbon is the classic bean pot drop hanging from a mini GAR medal. There is some fraying to the secondary red ribbon behind the bean pot but the buyer should bear in mind that the ribbon was intended to have a fringe - so to some extent, this is how it was made.But there is also some extremely minor damage due to age. It's such that I would suggest this piece of GAR history would go from an A-plus letter grade to a solid A. Still an exceptionally nice ribbon with a classic motif.
I did an exhaustive search of other dealers' web sites and various auction venues and could not find another of these. Is it rare? I'm not an expert on veteran's items, so I can't say. I just buy pieces that are either associated with famous regiments or persons...OR...that have exceptional eye appeal. Such is the case with this specimen.
Now I'm hungry for baked beans....


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