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A True Confederate Currency Rarity
Item #: JMS-183
A True Confederate Currency Rarity A True Confederate Currency Rarity A True Confederate Currency Rarity A True Confederate Currency Rarity A True Confederate Currency Rarity
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The 1862 T-39 $100 bill is not all that rare. This is the variety with black smoke belching from the train's smokestack. It's an attractive looking note and always much-desired in a currency collection. It's made a little more scarce because it's an interest-bearing note with not 1 or 2, but THREE interest stamps! (1863, 1864 and the rare 1865 dates!) You don't see that all that often. And I've seen quite a few from Richmond, Savannah and a couple other places. But this one is from Jackson, which I presume to be Jackson, South Carolina. Unusual and intriguing! This is not a stamping I have seen before.
I am not a professional when it comes to grading currency but my best estimate would be FINE condition. Here's why: while the note is trimmed decently, there is one very small tear in the bill right beneath the word "DOLLARS". I have cropped and magnified this so you can see it. There are four miniscule pin holes as well. There are, however, no creases, folds, repairs or stains.
So all this is, on balance, still pretty cool. But here's what makes this a rarity: There is a Charleston, South Carolina postal cancellation on the back! It's got an 1862 date so I surmise this is where it began its journey. Though I've seen hundreds of these bills, a great many of them with one or two interest stampings, I have NEVER seen one with three...AND a Charleston postmark! I'm sure this is not the only one out there but there cannot be many.
An item like this has a lot of crossover appeal. The currency collector or numismatist, the Confederate history collector, the Charleston collector, the general Civil War collector and the philatelist. Something here for all you folks!
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