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Type Two Williams Cleaner Bullets
Item #: JMS-135
Type Two Williams Cleaner Bullets Type Two Williams Cleaner Bullets
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I have a number of these, including the one you see pictured. They were all recovered in Northern Virginia, most of them in Chantilly, Manassas and Fairfax. They are all in nice condition. A word about pricing:

If you want the bullet pictured or one almost exactly like it (I have many in this kind of condition), the price below ($7.00) applies per bullet. Though if you want ten or more, I can drop the price to $5.00 per bullet. Shipping will be based on weight for bulk purchases.

If you want a type-two that's in really good condition but might have a small nick or two and/or a somewhat uneven patina, the price is $5.00 per bullet. These are still good condition. I am not sure how many I have but if I can scrounge up ten or more, we can go with $4.50 per bullet.

I may have a few with a bad gash on one side or a combination of a small-medium nick, uneven patina and maybe a bent fin. Those, if I have any, are $3.00 each. But honestly, most of these are in spectacular, dropped condition. I will only send you one of the lesser-quality bullets if that's what you request and pay for.

(The one pictured has sold. But I can guarantee I have others just as sharp and will pick out a perfect one for you.)

Shipping Weight: 0.1 lb
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