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Pair of Important Field Manuals for the World War Two Soldier
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Pair of Important  Field Manuals for the World War Two Soldier Pair of Important  Field Manuals for the World War Two Soldier
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Two soft-bound but complete manuals issued to U.S. military personnel before or during the Second World War. Each of these would be read and studied by the wise soldier or sailor. The most important one is dated 1943 and is a basic guide to first aid. Toward the back, I see that someone wrote "Sigman" but I've no idea what that means. Probably a last name. The second manual carries a 1940 date and -- at that time -- was probably deemed of tremendous importance. It was unclear if chemical weapons would be used in combat. Gas was used extensively and with devastating affect in the First World War. Even in the Second World War, the Italians used gas in Ethiopia and Japanese employed it in China. So American forces were urged to prepare for this eventuality. Fortunately, that was one weapon we didn't have to contend with.
The first aid manual is fairly common. It's one, however, that you would certainly want to put with a display of items used or carried by an American G-I.
The chemical attack manual is, I am told, fairly scarce. It could be displayed with a gas mask or perhaps with photographs of military personnel suiting up for chemical warfare.
The condition is average to above average with both. There are folds, small stains and creases but everything is there -- not a single page missing from either one.


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