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Artillery Coat Button from Fort Site
Item #: JMS-720
Artillery Coat Button from Fort Site Artillery Coat Button from Fort Site
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Here's the first of three buttons I'm offering from Fort Brooke, near Tampa, Florida. This site has yielded buttons from the War of 1812 right up through the Civil War. This particular button likely dates to the early to mid 1820's. It is a 20 mm Artillery coat button and it's missing the shank. There is no other damage evident and even though it was difficult to get a super-close picture, I can assure you the backmark is quite crisp. It is simply a pair of letter "R's" and a series of stars. This backmark is one of dozens for this button listed in Tice.

As with any item you purchase from me, if you get it and are unhappy for ANY reason...simply ship it on back (unaltered) for a full refund. This particular button isn't mint but it's far from being a "dog". Just a nice, historic relic at a very fair price.
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