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Good Looking Buckles Dug on Kennesaw Mountain
Item #: JMS-748
Good Looking Buckles Dug on Kennesaw Mountain
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These cool little buckles are sometimes called "roller buckles" and they were attached to cartridge boxes, haversacks and knapsacks. The price below is for ALL THREE of these. They are in great condition and appear to have been conservatively coated with some sort of preservative. They look really nice in a display case.

The verbal history with this little grouping is that all three of these came from the collection of an older relic hunter by the name of Albert Ruh, who almost exclusively dug on Kennesaw Mountain and in the surrounding camps. While certainly not on par with a rare Confederate button or a slick Union waist belt plate, they are still an important part of any dug collection. And because they are light and inexpensive, I can ship them to you in a First Class, padded mailer for about a buck and a quarter.

Can't beat that OR my price on these little items!

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