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G-I Refers to Patton; Still Awaiting Sweetheart's Answer to "The Question"
Item #: JMS-764
G-I Refers to Patton; Still Awaiting Sweetheart's Answer to G-I Refers to Patton; Still Awaiting Sweetheart's Answer to
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Very long, late-war-dated letter from Staff Sergeant Harvey Springborn of the 119th AAA Gun Battalion. This was an anti-aircraft unit serving in Germany at the end of the war. The letter is dated April 18th, 1945. I have an earlier letter from 1944 in which Springborn writes to the same girl, Dolores "Dora" Blasher, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. In that letter, he is treating her very much like a friend he might like to have a romantic relationship with.
In THIS letter, Harvey says he has written her nearly every day and still hasn't received a letter from her in answer to his big question! He talks about the time they spent in the desert when he was stationed in California. Something happened, but Harvey's a gentleman if nothing else! He is dreaming of when they can be together again and gets quite mushy about it. But who can blame him? These poor guys were really missing home by this time. In fact, Springborn writes about how "Old Georgie" -- General George S. Patton -- has broken through into Czechoslovakia. He says the war has to end soon. But he also says a lot of guys wish they were in Czechoslovakia because then they could "fraternize" with the women there. It is forbidden, Harvey says, "to fraternize with the frauleins" in Germany. There is much regret about that and Harvey admits to understanding this fully. He says he is tempted but much less so if the answer to his question is "Yes". I sure wish I had the letter popping the question to Dora but someone else must have it.
There is a ton of content in this letter and not just romantic stuff. There's lots of humor, including a very mild attempt at some sexual innuendo -- and then a sincere promise to always refrain from vulgarity. Harvey knows Dora does not like that sort of humor! He talks about his work and what he does to keep busy. I would sure like to know if Dora said, "Yes" to Harvey. I hope so...they seem like a great couple based on what I have read. Lots more research is warranted. I am sorry I didn't scan every page individually...just too much work & bandwidth. I give my word the letter is absolutely complete and nothing is missing.
Nice cover...just the usual damage from opening. There is a crisp censor's stamp and signature. Letter itself is in perfect condition despite being 70 years old and on onion-skin paper. Extremely legible.


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