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Rare Postcard of Three Patriotic African-American Doughboys
Item #: JMS-772
Rare Postcard of Three Patriotic African-American Doughboys Rare Postcard of Three Patriotic African-American Doughboys
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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, picture postcards were all the rage. Rather than having your image "made" as a tintype, cabinet card or CDV, you could be featured on the front of a postcard that was ready to be addressed and mailed.
This one depicts a trio of very earnest, proud young men ready to serve their country. Their uniforms are the standard issue for doughboys of the American Expeditionary Forces, right down to their leggings. There is a handsome American flag on display behind these gents and they look ready to do business with the Kaiser. On the back, there is an address in light pencil. The name appears to be Ogilve and the intended destination appears to be Youngstown, Ohio.

The condition of the postcard is better than "fair" but I would say it's not quite "good". On a 1-10 scale, maybe a 4 or 5. You will notice two very weak and bent corners and quite a bit of age soiling on the back. It looks as though this post card was never actually mailed but was much-handled over the last century. Perhaps one of these brave men died in the trenches? Hard to say. But any item associated with African-American doughboys is considered an extreme rarity.


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