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Perfect Dug Spencer Cartridge
Item #: JMS-924
Perfect Dug Spencer Cartridge
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This is a great-condition Spencer from a large collection of these I bought a couple summers ago. Nearly all were completely unreconstructed and solid as a rock. I am about 95% sure this one is unreconstructed. There is a firing pin mark on the rim of the cartridge, but that doesn't always indicate a "put-together". Sometimes, the cartridge misfired and was discarded.

The bullet and cartridge are tight as a drum and you can hear a few grains of (presumably) powder when you shake the thing. I wouldn't hesitate to put this one in my collection.

All these Spencers I am selling were dug on private property, with permission, in Petersburg. I'm offering these on an individual basis but if someone is interested in a group of them, I can provide a small discount. Either way, you will be well-satisfied with the condition of these artifacts.

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