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Choice, Triple-Marked Carbine Sling Swivel
Item #: JMS-564
Choice, Triple-Marked Carbine Sling Swivel Choice, Triple-Marked Carbine Sling Swivel Choice, Triple-Marked Carbine Sling Swivel
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This lovely cavalry item is non-excavated, nor is it Bannerman's surplus. It came out of a Midwestern attic and walked into the Chicago Civil War Show last month. The sling swivel moves freely and there is no rust, pitting or damage of any kind. Just a rich, non-dug patina.

Many of these are unmarked, but this one bears the maker's mark, the inspector's mark and martial, "US" markings. The maker is Joseph Davy of Newark, NJ who only sold military goods from 1861-1864. That means this is definitely a Civil War sling swivel. (It is likely that Davy did not actually manufacture these, but rather purchased them wholesale, stamping his company's name into the iron.)

I have priced this one quite fairly, I think. It will make a splendid addition to your cavalry display or to any grouping of maker-marked Civil War accoutrements.

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