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Adjutant General's Cover re: Veteran Death Notice
Item #: JMS-525
Adjutant General's Cover re: Veteran Death Notice Adjutant General's Cover re: Veteran Death Notice Adjutant General's Cover re: Veteran Death Notice
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From the Connecticut Adjutant General to a Mr. E.A. Phelps of North Colebrook. The cover originally contained confirmation of enlistment information and a death notice for Lewis L. Parker, late of the 11th Connecticut Infantry. This is most likely a post-Civil War notification. I cannot tell if the postmark bears an 1863 or an 1883 date. They are just too close. That said, the American Civil War Database confirms that Parker survived the war. Therefore, I presume the latter date.

The 11th was a hard-fought regiment and, given Parker's enlistment date of late June, 1862, he would have been present for the battles of South Mountain and Antietam. Parker was honorably discharged for disability a month before the battle of Fredericksburg. We have no indication of whether his disability was due to sickness or a battle wound.

The cover is in exceptionally good condition with a mostly crisp postmark, a nice bullseye cancel and a lovely, pink three cent stamp. With the cover there is an old, typed note transcribing the ink inscription. On the verso, a stamping indicates this was once part of the Prescott collection. Cover measures 5.25" by 3.25".

Of all the states, I would say my Connecticut customers are among the most eager to acquire anything related to their home-state in the Civil War. Maybe second only to South Carolinians and Wisconsonites. Here's an affordable, good-condition piece that will fit in an 11th Connecticut collect, a collection of veteran-related items, or for the collector of general Nutmeg State memorabilia.

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