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Splendid Patriotic Cover/Envelope
Item #: JMS-516
Splendid Patriotic Cover/Envelope Splendid Patriotic Cover/Envelope
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This patriotic envelope features a Union sailor, armed and ready for battle as he waves Old Glory. At his feet is a Naval anchor and the famous quote of General Dix about anyone who attempts to haul down the American flag.

The condition of this cover is just about perfect. On the back, there is evidence of very old mounting which indicates a place in a collection - most likely, a Civil War era collection. These were enormously popular collectables during and after the war. The mounting residue does not detract from the character of this fine piece in any way.

As to rarity, this one is listed by Weiss as A/B. That means it's slightly less common but still far from scarce.

I would love to see this displayed in a case or frame with some nice Navy buttons, or maybe one of the patriotic tokens bearing the Dix quotation. How cool would that be?

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