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Excavated Confederate Side Knife From Vicksburg Trench
Item #: JMS-320
Excavated Confederate Side Knife From Vicksburg Trench Excavated Confederate Side Knife From Vicksburg Trench
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This beauty is straight from my private collection. I have a number of dug blades and a killer dug D-guard. So I thought I would cut this one loose.

This knife measures almost 7 inches from stem to stern. The blade is about 4 inches, give or take. If you want exact measurements, let me know. The knife is SOLID and not loose like so many. It is in need of some care as the blade edge is flaking just a bit. This can be stabilized. And even with that said, it has looked exactly as you see it for the 15 years I have owned it.

As to it being Confederate, I actually cannot guarantee this 100%. Here's why I suspect it is. The man I purchased this from, whose name escapes me, sold me a total of three dug knives that he claimed were found in a Vicksburg trench just off federal land. There was the giant D-Guard, which I am keeping. This beauty. And that tiny little knife also for sale here. He found gardners, round balls (all drops) and a puff-rim I button with most of the back eaten away. So that's why I suspect a Confederate usage of this piece. That said, there's the possibility a Yank dropped this too.

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