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Excavated Eagle Plate - Killer Patina
Item #: JMS-132
Excavated Eagle Plate - Killer Patina Excavated Eagle Plate - Killer Patina
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This one has actually been in my collection for years. Now why would I get so attached to an eagle plate with no hooks and the damage you see at about four o'clock? It really just as simple as me falling in love with that patina. I have other eagle plates in my collection with both hooks, a maker's mark, good patina and full lead. But this one has the kind of "look" I love. So here's the deal - if it sells at the price below, great. You will enjoy it. If it doesn't, I'm not going to sweat it. I just love looking at this thing. (We're weird, we relic guys, aren't we?)

Plate was recovered in Williamsport, Md.


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