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Three Page Letter w/cover from USMC 4th Tank Battalion
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Three Page Letter w/cover from USMC 4th Tank Battalion
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If you want a simple, representative example of a USMC officer's letter home during the "big one", this will fit the bill. Would display nicely on a soldier's trunk or in a display of tank-related insignia. The letter is from Lt. Richard C. Pierson to his brother, Joseph, in Cleveland. One touching note has the Lieutenant talking about seeing the picture of his brother's baby boy for the first time. He says he likes where the unit is presently. There is plenty of everything, including beer! Pierson writes, "Got looped last night + feel like hell today. Drank five quarts of the stuff. It was good. Will settle down now and behave." He goes on, "I am happy to be away from the Marshalls. We were there on the nite (sic) of the bombing on Roi Islet. It was really something too. Will never forget it. Glad to be away from the Japs. A veteran outfit. Tried & proven good! Your (sic) damn right we a re Marines & proud as hell of ourselves. They can fight with anything better than anyone. Gutty guys they are."

The rest is mostly routine except...

...Pierson writes, "We are getting mediums in place of our light tanks. We'll be busy as hell in our training. I am happy over it though".

We have no idea where Pierson was exactly when the letter was written. But given the March of 1944 date, he was clearly writing after the 4th Division had finished cleaning up on Kwajalein. They would go on to fight bravely on Saipan, Tinian Atoll and Iwo Jima.

The letter and censored cover are in about perfect condition.

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